cover image Sisters: Venus & Serena Williams

Sisters: Venus & Serena Williams

Jeanette Winter. Beach Lane, $17.99 (48p) ISBN 978-1-5344-3121-8

Winter begins her understated biography of the Williams sisters in their childhood in Compton, Calif.: “Early morning, Daddy takes the sisters to the court, where some older boys still think it’s night.” The sisters are first pictured playing on a litter-filled court, but as they work hard to learn the game, they garner attention. Winter’s dynamic yet mannered art style lends individual scenes a feeling of visual vignette. The sisters’ skills result in an accumulation of trophies, and their personal flair shines through as they “try new ways of dressing and new hairstyles no one has seen on a tennis court before.” Winter addresses the sisters’ physical struggles and subsequent recovery as they “practice hard and hit those bright balls on their own tennis court—concentrating like they did when they were little.” The affectionate story concludes with the two athletes embracing over the net, following one of their many matches. Ages 3–8. [em](Apr.) [/em]