cover image Savage Legion

Savage Legion

Matt Wallace. Saga, $26.99 (512p) ISBN 978-1-5344-3920-7

Cunning plotting and brisk action elevate this impressive tale of swords and super-science, the first in the Savage Rebellion series from Hugo Award winner Wallace (Sin du Jour). At first glance, Evie is a belligerent drunk. That’s why the Empire of Crache dragoons her into the Savage Legion, a hapless mob of suicide commandos culled from the downtrodden masses of the empire and forced to fight and die on its behalf. But Evie is secretly a warrior on a mission, infiltrating the Legion to rescue her former lover who was kidnapped after discovering government corruption. Meanwhile, Dyeawan, a wheelchair-using beggar, is similarly abducted from the streets, but she’s recruited to Crache’s Planning Cadre instead of the Savage Legion. Dyewan uses her formidable intelligence and ruthlessness to rise in power. Wallace’s multifaceted characterization of both women offers consistent surprises. In fact, it’s rare for anyone in this epic’s expansive cast to remain as they first appear, as Wallace masterfully subverts readers’ expectations. As the plot spins through convincing battlefield combat and personal confrontations, Evie rallies the Savage Legion to turn against the empire that exploits them. Readers will be left thoroughly satisfied and eager to know what’s to come. Agent: DongWon Song, Morhaim Literary. (July)