cover image Savage Bounty

Savage Bounty

Matt Wallace. Saga, $16.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-1-5344-3923-8

The lively second volume of the sword and super science Savage Rebellion trilogy Wallace began with Savage Legion continues to surprise both the reader and its own protagonists, as many characters are forced into roles they never dreamed of. Pampered Lexi, a member of the ruling class in the brutal city of Crache, discovers how far she’s willing to go to escape being a tool of either the scheming Ignobles, who plot to seize power, or the Protectorate Ministry, who ruthlessly enjoy power now. Meanwhile, warrior Evie has become the reluctant general to the ragtag rebellion threatening to undermine Crache’s government. Brilliant, paraplegic Dyeawan works to make good on Crache’s unfulfilled promises to its citizens as she competes for control of its Planning Cadre. And then there’s Taru, one of the Undeclared, who’s distrusted by society for their nonbinary gender but still struggles to help change the city. The nuanced worldbuilding and abundance of female and LGBTQ protagonists give the goings-on some extra zip, and the vigor and inventiveness in Wallace’s storytelling keep the pages turning. This solid installment is sure to please series fans. [em]Agent: DongWon Song, Howard Morhaim Literary. (July) [/em]