cover image Our Dragon

Our Dragon

Mem Fox, illus. by Linda Davick. Beach Lane, $18.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-5344-5333-3

The proud human parents of a new baby dragon soon discover that settling into life with their little one is all about putting out fires—literally. When the tiny green dragon breathes flames, the caretakers, portrayed with light skin, calmly tidy up a singed shoe and broken flower vase while firmly explaining “all the dangers/ that fire can cause.” But despite his best efforts, the dragon accidentally coughs up a crackling burst that sets his toys ablaze. On the verge of tears, he finds that his mom and dad are on the spot with a hose, a low-voiced message “of terrible dangers/ and making strong choices,” as well as a kiss, a cuddle, and a bottle. Fox’s rhyming text bounces through Davick’s bright digital scenes, which are filled with brightly colored playthings. Though the comparison between child development and innate dragon physical needs doesn’t feel quite parallel, new parents everywhere will relate to the challenge of decoding the language of a baby’s needs and responding when “accidents happen.” Ages 3–5. (May)