cover image Happy Sloth Day!

Happy Sloth Day!

April Pulley Sayre, with Jeff Sayre. Beach Lane, $17.99 (48p) ISBN 978-1-5344-5373-9

Combining crisp photographs of sloths moving about a forest canopy with bite-size observations about sloth life, this smartly paced collaboration by the late Pulley Sayre and husband Sayre follows sloth movements over a day. “After a rainy,/ drizzly night,” a sodden sloth climbs to reach the sun’s warmth: “When you live/ inside your laundry,/ morning’s/ drip-dry/ time.” Slowly paced lines, full spreads that highlight various poses, and accessible notes (for example, covering sloth claws, digestion, and threats) invite readers to linger over the subject matter. These components also juxtapose deliberate sloth maneuvers with those of other rainforest species, portrayed using panels and quick phrases (“Hammer./ Hover./ Crunch./ Catch”). It’s as close to a forest canopy trek as one can have from a comfy chair. Back matter includes sloth facts and a resource list. Ages 3–8. (Mar.)