cover image Shy by Design: 12 Timeless Principles to Quietly Stand Out

Shy by Design: 12 Timeless Principles to Quietly Stand Out

Michael Thompson. Rowman & Littlefield, $22.95 (168p) ISBN 978-1-53-817584-2

Readers can embrace their quiet side to live happier and more fulfilled lives, according to this savvy debut guide from career coach Thompson. Plagued since childhood by a stutter and debilitating social anxiety, the author pursued a career in sales to challenge those fears and rose through the ranks once he reframed his “perceived” weaknesses as strengths. Sharing lessons gleaned along the way, Thompson recommends that readers stop faking “bullet-proof confidence” and instead approach others with kindness and honesty; expand personal and professional networks by strengthening ties with acquaintances and colleagues; and learn from others’ communication styles and strategies. Thompson gears the advice largely toward professional development, with much talk of “optimizing” connections that might eventually yield career opportunities, and he strikes an effective balance between empowering readers to embrace their shyness and encouraging them to venture outside their comfort zones. It’s a solid resource for young professionals looking to break out of their shells. (July)