cover image A Face to Die For

A Face to Die For

Iris Johansen. Grand Central, $28 (368p) ISBN 978-1-5387-1321-1

Myth meets reality in bestseller Johansen’s riveting 28th thriller featuring forensic sculptor Eve Duncan (after 2021’s The Bullet). While in central Africa working on a reconstruction case, Eve is sought out by Riley Smith. Three months earlier, Riley’s father, an archaeologist who thought highly of Eve’s forensic skills, was murdered by tomb robbers in Azerbaijan. Riley believes her father was killed because he was close to discovering the location of the tomb of Helen of Troy, who he believed was a real queen. Eve agrees to help Riley search for the elusive tomb—and reconstruct Helen’s face if their quest succeeds. In Azerbaijan, the stakes rise as the two women have to contend with Ralph Dakar, the leader of a gang of ruthless tomb robbers, and agents of a power-hungry U.S. president, Adam Madlock, who’s hunting for Eve because of her connection to the “silver bullet” cure to all illnesses developed by the ex-wife of Eve’s husband, Joe Quinn. Johansen does a fine job breathing life into the premise of Helen of Troy being a historical figure. This no-holds-barred suspense yarn is a good starting place for newcomers. Agents: Andrea Cirillo and Rebecca Scherer, Jane Rotrosen Agency. (June)