cover image The Godparent Trap

The Godparent Trap

Rachel Van Dyken. Forever, $15.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-5387-2053-0

Bestseller Van Dyken (the Bet series) tugs hard at the heartstrings with this complex, funny, and poignant romance about polar opposites who are forced to become co-parents. Free-spirited travel blogger Colby Summers and uptight accountant Rip Edison have always mixed like oil and water, but after Rip’s sister and Colby’s best friend, Monica, and her husband, Brooks, die in a car accident, Colby and Rip accept joint custody of the couple’s children, Ben and Viera. Co-parenting two kids under the age of six is a culture shock that only escalates the sniping between the grieving Colby and Rip as they move into Monica and Brooks’s old house and adjust to their new normal. But as they learn to work together to care for the sweet, traumatized children, tension turns to lust, then love, then planning for forever—until a shocking incident teaches both that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Van Dyken creates an irresistible mix of laugh-out-loud and tear-jerking moments in an inspired plot that breathes new life into the unexpected child guardian trope. Stellar supporting characters—especially Rip’s business partner, Banks, who collects indecent coffee mugs, and Colby’s high school nemesis, Heather—add depth and levity to the story. This is Van Dyken’s best yet. Agent: Erica Silverman, Trident Media. (July)