cover image Jana Goes Wild

Jana Goes Wild

Farah Heron. Forever, $16.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-5387-2545-0

Heron’s fun sequel to Kamila Knows Best takes readers to a destination wedding in Tanzania. Chronic introvert and overachiever Jana Suleiman has always played it safe—until she meets hunky Anil Malek and begins an international fling. Then she learns that Anil is still married to the wife he told her he’d split from. Devastated, she ends their affair—and only later does she learn that she’s pregnant with his child. Five years of strained co-parenting and avoidance later, the pair are reunited at the Tanzanian wedding of a mutual friend. Jana’s determined to steer clear of Anil, now single, while there, but she can’t help admiring his charm with their daughter, Imani. To distract herself, Jana whips up a “letting loose list” with her fellow bridesmaids, which includes items like wearing brighter colors and doing karaoke. As Jana loosens up, however, her resurfacing emotions for Anil become harder to ignore and she teeters on the precipice of falling back in love with her ex. The familial chemistry between Jana, Anil, and Imani is undeniable and the unique setting and delightful dynamic within the rest of the wedding party add to the charm. This is a treat. Agent: Rachel Brooks, BookEnds. (May)