cover image Never Met a Duke Like You

Never Met a Duke Like You

Amalie Howard. Forever, $16.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-5387-3776-7

Howard (Always Be My Duchess) pairs unconventional aristocrats in this page-turning Victorian romance. Beautiful, lively, and beloved by society, self-proclaimed matchmaker Lady Vesper Lyndhurst embodies all the virtues of the perfect duke’s daughter—except that she’s disinterested in matrimony. In her mind, no man measures up to Aspen Drake, the Duke of Greydon, her childhood friend, neighbor, and longtime crush. Seven years after he spurned her during her debutante season, Aspen finally returns to England from his study of fossils abroad. Thrown together by Aspen’s work with Vesper’s father on a bill advocating for more humane treatment of those with mental illness, Aspen taunts Vesper incessantly, though his belief that she is merely a spoiled aristocrat is dispelled when he learns of her sometimes-dangerous charitable pursuits volunteering in the seediest parts of London. As he comes to see her unexpected depths, his attraction to her grows, and the taut romantic tension eventually gives way to some truly sizzling sex scenes. Meanwhile, Howard treats the 19th-century milieu as more than just set dressing, enriching the narrative with cameos from real historical figures advocating reform. Howard’s admirable and progressive protagonists and Clueless-inspired plot are sure to have readers charmed. Agent: Thao Le, Sandra Dijkstra Literary. (Nov.)