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Skip to the End

Molly James. Forever, $16.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-5387-3927-3

James’s clever debut puts a magical twist on the hardships of modern dating. Amy Daniels has a strange ability: upon her first kiss with anyone, she has a prophetic vision of how their relationship will end. She’s always relied on this gift as a guide in her dating life, but with each vision of future heartbreak, she loses hope she’ll ever get a happy ending. She finds comfort in her four supportive high school friends: Charlotte, siblings May and Jay, and Gareth. At Charlotte’s wedding, May challenges Amy to search for her soulmate by kissing three men—and for once, she sees a vision of bliss. There’s just one problem: she’s drunk, and the next day she can’t remember exactly who she kissed or which of the three is “the one.” Is it Tristan, the sensual millionaire with a dark side? Or Ben, the sexy and empathetic young bartender/aspiring screenwriter? What about the third man, whom Amy can’t quite remember? As Amy’s friends band together to help her solve the mystery, James captures the giddiness of new love and the comfort of true friendship. This is a delight. (Aug.)