cover image Overkill


Sandra Brown. Grand Central, $29 (416p) ISBN 978-1-5387-5201-2

Early in this overly long romantic suspense novel from bestseller Brown (Blind Tiger), Kate Lennon, a “smart, savvy, ambitious state prosecutor,” arrives at the door of Zach Bridger, a former professional football player who lives in splendid isolation in rural North Carolina. Kate’s goal is to bring Eban Clarke, sociopathic scion of a wealthy family, to justice. Eban has recently been released from prison early after serving only two years for participating in an orgy that left Rebecca Pratt, Zach’s ex-wife, in a persistent vegetative state, her body hooked up to life support equipment. Though they’d been divorced for five years, Rebecca had previously signed documents granting Zach her medical power of attorney. Doctors had urged him to allow Rebecca to die, but he had resisted out of deference to her father’s religious beliefs. Kate informs Zach that, upon Rebecca’s death, she plans on bringing a murder charge against Eban. Meanwhile, Eban, who has vicious plans for revenge, is ready to get back into the sex- and drug-fueled lifestyle he enjoyed before prison. The only obstacles in his way are tenacious Kate and Zach, whose budding romance creates complications. The string-straight plot offers no surprises. Brown has done better. Agent: Maria Carvainis, Maria Carvainis Agency. (Aug.)