cover image Bridge 108

Bridge 108

Anne Charnock. 47North, $24.99 (204p) ISBN 978-1-5420-0607-1

This mosaic dystopian novel from Arthur C. Clarke Award–winner Charnock (Dreams Before the Start of Time) explores the lives of characters threatened by devastating climate change in near-future England. With drought and wildfires destroying southern Europe, 12 year old Caleb and his mother are just two of millions of migrants headed to England in search of new lives. Unfortunately, ecological collapse has also brought about social change in England, leaving refugees even more disenfranchised than they were before. When Caleb’s mother abandons him, he must find his own way to a safe home, employment, and future, surrounded by adults eager to exploit him. Charnock bounces between Caleb’s point of view and the thoughts and experiences of the various people he encounters along his journey. Though long passages of exposition initially slow the pace, Charnock’s worldbuilding grows more sophisticated and detailed over the course of Caleb’s travels. Readers who enjoy coming-of-age stories with hopeful messages will be gratified by this topical tale of human resourcefulness in the face of climate disaster. (Feb.)