cover image Star Father

Star Father

Charlie N. Holmberg. 47North, $14.95 trade paper (346p) ISBN 978-1-5420-3428-9

Holmberg weaves another epic love story in this standalone return to the world of Star Mother. The war between the Sun and the Moon rages on, and Earth Mother continues her long slumber. Then the world abruptly goes dark, the Sun cast from the sky. During this persistent night, Aija, a talented artist living on her family’s farm, finds a man unconscious by the river. His skin is golden and hot to the touch, and when he wakes, he calls himself Saiyon. Aija nurses Saiyon back to health, and it doesn’t take long for their bond to grow from fondness to all-consuming love. But Saiyon is no mere mortal, and their time together is limited before he’ll have to return to the heavens. To be together, Aija must be willing to sacrifice everything in order to gain immortality. The novel’s first half comprises a passionate love story, the second, Aija’s relentless quest for immortality, which sees her making some dangerous bargains and encountering a colorful cast. Though the disparate halves might frustrate fantasy romance readers, fans of mythology-inspired novels like Circe and Ariadne will enjoy this sprawling tale of gods, love, and sacrifice. Agent: Marlene Stringer, Stringer Literary. (Mar.)