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Anne Emery, . . ECW, $24.95 (306pp) ISBN 978-1-55022-754-3

After clearing Father Brennan Burke of murder charges in 2006's Sign of the Cross , Canadian criminal lawyer Monty Collins helps the priest explore his father's history with the IRA in this fresh second installment of a three-part series. Before Monty, his family and Brennan leave Halifax for New York, where Brennan will officiate at the wedding of his niece, Brennan's brother Patrick sends him a cryptic obituary that appeared in a New York paper. Their father, Declan Burke, who fled Ireland 40 years earlier, understands it as a threat to his life, and sure enough, Declan is shot and wounded at the wedding. While Monty struggles with his own hopes of reconciling with his ex-wife, Brennan and his siblings search for the truth about their father's past and harbor suspicions that could shatter their large, tight-knit family. Emery tops her vivid story of past political intrigue that could destroy the present with a surprising conclusion. (May)