cover image Sharing a Robin's Life

Sharing a Robin's Life

Linda Johns. Nimbus Publishing (CN), $17.95 (164pp) ISBN 978-1-55109-004-7

This is an absolutely enchanting story of a remarkable human-bird relationship. When artist-naturalist Johns found a robin fledgling by the roadside, she placed it in a nearby tree. No parent came to claim it, however, so Johns took ``County'' home, intending to release her later. Instead, County stayed, joining a household with two pigeons and a duck. With Johns's help, County was able to follow the rituals of wild robins, even indoors. She went through migrating patterns, built nests, laid eggs. Johns removed eggs from wild nests for County to brood; when they hatched, County made it clear that she expected Johns to help nurture the babies as a father robin does. In addition to its charm, this account offers new insight into robin behavior. The accompanying color photos will captivate readers. (July)