cover image Weekend


Jane Eaton Hamilton. Arsenal Pulp (Consortium, U.S. dist.; UTP, Canadian dist.), $17.95 trade paper (294p) ISBN 978-1-5515-2635-5

Hamilton's ninth book (after Hunger) is a "bottle" narrative%E2%80%94a glimpse into two queer relationships and how they intersect over a single weekend. Logan and Elliot are architects and former lovers who own an island on which they've each built a cottage. Elliot and her wife, Joe, are at their cottage a week after Joe has given birth to their first child; meanwhile, Logan brings a new lover, Ajax, to the island to celebrate her 50th birthday%E2%80%94and to propose. But Ajax has reservations of her own regarding both her health%E2%80%94she has a heart condition%E2%80%94and aspects of race, class, age, and queerness on which she and Logan diverge. The novel switches between Ajax and Joe's points of view as, over the weekend, many secrets are revealed and realities faced, such as whether Joe can trust Elliot, and whether Logan has what it takes to care for Ajax's failing health. Hamilton's writing is propulsive. The story moves at an effortless pace as it explores a multitude of sexualities and identities, as well as the difficulties and even explosive outcomes of navigating them while remaining faithful to and honest with one's partner or partners. Some of the emotional turns feel jarring or extreme, but Hamilton never loses touch with her characters and is always able to bring the narrative back to what matters most. Agent: Carolyn Forde, Westwood Creative Artists. (July)