cover image My Name Is Elizabeth!

My Name Is Elizabeth!

Annika Dunklee, illus. by Matthew Forsythe. Kids Can, $14.95 (24p) ISBN 978-1-55453-560-6

Gregarious Elizabeth, who pals around with her pet duck, simply adores her name. She likes that it's nine letters long, and she likes the way her mouth feels when she says it. What she doesn't like is when people call her things other than Elizabeth. "Come give your old granddad a hug, Lizzy," says grandpa (Elizabeth sighs in response). To a boy on a bicycle, she's Liz; a man delivering fruit calls her Beth; and the crossing-guard refers to her as Betsy. "Not. Even. Close," grumbles Elizabeth. Finally, she's had enough and, towering over the neighborhood like Godzilla, hollers out, "My name is Elizabeth Alfreda Roxanne Carmelita Bluebell Jones!! But you may call me Elizabeth." After that, no one gets her name wrong--except her little brother, but Elizabeth lets that one slide. A mix of spot art and larger, more developed scenes, Forsythe's matte, mixed-media illustrations have a distinctly retro vibe with their wavy ink outlines and an orange and sky-blue color scheme. Readers who take pride in their names (especially those who have had their names butchered) may be similarly moved to express that ownership vocally. Ages 3%E2%80%937. (Aug.)