cover image The Devereaux File

The Devereaux File

Ross H. Spencer, Author, Ross H. Spencer, Other Dutton Books $18.95 (0p) ISBN 978-1-55611-212-6

PI Lacy Lockington returns to solve the mystery of a drinking buddy's death in this entertaining but slightly flawed mystery. Before he was murdered, ex-CIA agent Rufe Devereaux sought a get-together with his old friend Lacy, a former Chicago cop. As a result of a nominal look-see, Lacy finds himself simultaneously tailed, and alternately questioned by the CIA, KGB, Mafia and a presidential hopeful turned evangelist hate-monger. The attractive Soviet agent Natasha knows most about the truth of this caper, so Lacy is fortunate to have her ``help.'' When he receives a package containing a clue, Lacy points his ancient Pontiac toward Youngstown, Ohio. Along the way, the evangelist, who tails and tries to kill Lacy, is himself stalked. Ever the survivor, Lacy finds more tips in Spencer's superbly believable gritty bars, and, knowing his dead friend's passion for women and country music, he eventually turns up a real surprise. After a slam-bang ending, a disingenuous dialogue explains all. Spencer ( The Ffifth Script ) keeps the plot racing with amusing dialogue. (Apr.)