cover image Creating the Palestinian State: A Strategy for Peace

Creating the Palestinian State: A Strategy for Peace

Jerome M. Segal. Lawrence Hill Books, $9.95 (177pp) ISBN 978-1-55652-055-6

Segal, a philosopher at the University of Maryland and a founder of the Jewish Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, is being touted by the New York Times as ``the Jewish father for a Palestinian state'' because of his bold proposal that the Palestinians should declare a state in the West Bank and Gaza, establish a provisional government, ban terrorism and launch a peace initiative. His concise, illuminating book offers a blueprint covering everything from coinage of the realm to the establishment of democratic process. Along the way, Segal also contemplates the meaning of statehood, the impact of the Palestinian uprising and the roles of the U.S. government and the American Jewish community in encouraging peace. Segal will be labeled a political naif by some, a visionary by others. But his work cannot be dismissed out of hand. Having perused Segal's previous writings, the PLO has indeed declared an independent state and taken further steps with the purported goal of facilitating the peace process. Segal's thoughtful plan may well have additional consequences. (Feb.)