cover image Tippy Bear Hunts for Honey

Tippy Bear Hunts for Honey

Coby Hol, Author, North-South, Author, Books North-South, Author NorthSouth $11.95 (1p) ISBN 978-1-55858-128-9

Using cut-up paper and fabric, Hol has created simple collages against white backgrounds. Occasionally an interesting material is utilized, like the mesh of Tippy's hammock or a store's numerous bolts of fabric. The stories are as simple as the bear and his props. In the first book, Tippy is going to a ``dress up'' party and his mother makes him a polka-dot clown costume. In the second--which has slightly more action--the hungry bear goes in search of honey but finds instead a bee, distraught because ``our beehive was ruined in a storm and we are too small to fix it.'' As a reward for Tippy's repair work, the queen bee presents him ``with the last jars of our very best honey.'' Though in art and design these books have a certain naive charm, their colors are bland, and the texts tend to be somewhat dry and stilted. Ages 2-5. (Sept.)