cover image I Wish I Were a Bird

I Wish I Were a Bird

Eve Tharlet, E. Tharlet. NorthSouth, $7.88 (1pp) ISBN 978-1-55858-316-0

A refreshing note of realism counters each wishful fantasy in this sweet quartet. In Bird, a girl thinks her life might improve if she could ``fly with ease over houses and trees''; in Baby, she longs to ``get kissed on my ears and my fingers and toes... [and] be carried by Daddy wherever he goes.'' (A boy is the protagonist in the remaining titles.) A logical mom foresees problems with the first scenario, however (food problems in winter, moisture problems in the rain), while the girl herself realizes the shortcomings of the second (``Do I really want to take a nap every single day?''). Cheery, round-faced characters populate Tharlet's cozy watercolors; the abundance of open space on many spreads imparts an attractive, uncluttered feel. Ages 3-5. (Nov.)