cover image The Riot Grrrl Collection

The Riot Grrrl Collection

Edited by Lisa Darms. Feminist, $34.95 (360p) ISBN 978-1-55861-822-0

In the early 1990s, punk girls decided to fight back against racism, homophobia, and, above all, sexism, in what came to be known as the riot grrrl movement. The revolution was spread through music, flyers, meetings, and, most importantly, zines. This beautifully arranged and inspirational book reproduces the artifacts of this revolution, collected by Fales Library archivist Darms to preserve the history of the moment and share the grrrls' work with the youth of today. Inside are full-page copies of zines, posters, flyers, lyrics, cassette tape covers, letters, and more. The collection includes an introduction by Darms and an essay by former riot grrrl Johanna Fateman which help put the movement in perspective. The book serves as a window into this fascinating point in history, illustrating the movement from its underground birth through the media attention it received, to its internal problems of exclusivity and privilege. Despite the fact two decades have passed since these materials were first produced, the passion that ignited the riot grrrl movement can still be felt. The writers' desperation, anger, and desire translate vividly into the 21st century and will resonate strongly with today's feminists, misfits, and punks. An inspirational must-read for anyone who sees the opportunity for change in our society. (June)