cover image Molly at the Dentist

Molly at the Dentist

Angie Sage. Peachtree Publishers, $9.95 (12pp) ISBN 978-1-56145-247-7

Two paper-over-board books starring a benign green monster address common childhood experiences: Molly at the Dentist and Molly and the Birthday Party by Angie Sage. Bold, full-color illustrations and sturdy flaps help to address little ones' feelings. When the dentist asks a grinning, wide-eyed Molly if he can have a closer look at her teeth, youngsters lift the flap to find her answer: ""No!"" she says, her tiny fangs tucked inside her tightly pursed lips. But her fear dissipates when the dentist gives her a toothbrush. In the second title, the heroine learns to share. (Sept.)