cover image Goat and Donkey in Strawberry Sunglasses

Goat and Donkey in Strawberry Sunglasses

Simon Puttock, Author, Russell Julian, Author , illus. by Russe

Puttock and Julian's (Horsey) latest collaboration, this sprightly debut tale in the Goat and Donkey series, introduces best pals who, at first glance, seem quite different. The cupboard is bare, but Donkey is too busy to go to market. When Goat offers to go, Donkey is afraid his friend might botch the task, since “Goat was often muddly and forgetful.” Donkey diligently makes a shopping list: apples, carrots, cabbages and strawberry ice cream. As Donkey paints at an easel, Goat trots off and gets “quite giddy” when he spies all the tempting wares at the marketplace. Checking his list, he finds that Donkey's handwriting is “very hard to read” and he indeed does get muddled. Instead of buying food, the comically distracted animal purchases items he decides Donkey would certainly want: a fruit-festooned sun hat, a shiny trumpet, an inflatable octopus and—remembering that the final item on the list “has something to do with... strawberries!”—a pair of green polka-dot sunglasses decorated with plastic strawberries. Good-natured Donkey is very appreciative of the gifts, but tells his sidetracked buddy that they must return to market for food. In a wry final scene, the two are very much on the same wavelength as they enjoy strawberry ice cream cones, with a vegetable-filled basket and several newly purchased playthings at their feet. Featuring electric hues and amusing particulars, Julian's playful pictures capture the bond between these fast friends. Ages 4-7. (June)