cover image Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Sarah Lovett. Avalon Travel Publishing, $9.95 (47pp) ISBN 978-1-56261-042-5

This dense pop-culture encyclopedia shoulders a serious mission: a call to arms on behalf of endangered species. Large stock photos mixed with cartoony color sketches join the thick, black type to create high impact that will appeal to middle-grade readers. Resisting a more comprehensive approach, Lovett carefully limits her focus to 21 animals--thereby providing enough information into which readers can sink their teeth. Her wildlife selections illustrate all of the formidable threats: human development that changes habitats; over-hunting; fashion demands on animal skin, feathers and eggs; pesticides that climb up the food chain; and the introduction of non-native species (even house cats can do damage). The in-depth text is enlivened by sidebars that address a variety of topics: editorials on animal-tested cosmetics, where to order plans for bat houses, information on the Endangered Species Act, how to join Tree Amigos and other nature-protecting organizations,stet comma and introductions to New York City's Eco Cops and the environmental air force. This book is a natural for ecology-minded youngsters as well as middle graders who are wowed by weirdness. Ages 8-12. (Apr . )