cover image Falling More Slowly

Falling More Slowly

Peter Helton, Soho Constable, $25 (304p) ISBN 978-1-56947-880-6

Recently transferred from Southampton, Bristol Det. Insp. Liam McLusky must adjust to a new police team that resents an outsider on their turf in Helton's engaging first in a new procedural series. When a homemade explosive device goes off at a local park, McLusky's superiors at first fear a foreign terrorist attack. But when another bomb explodes inside a makeup compact in a gym locker room, it's obvious the perpetrator is of the homegrown—but still very deadly—variety. While McLusky and Det. Sgt. James "Jane" Austin pursue any leads, however slim, that might reveal the bomber's identity, other members of the CID squad get on the trail of a gang of violent thieves known as the Mobile Muggers. The stakes rise as the bombs, disguised as everyday objects, appear at random throughout the city. By not tying up loose ends, Helton (Rainstone Fall) leaves readers all the more eager for the sequel. (Jan.)