cover image Sin City: Family Values

Sin City: Family Values

Frank Miller. Dark Horse Comics, $12 (126pp) ISBN 978-1-56971-313-6

Sparked by a mob hit gone wrong, car-obsessed, hulking Klaus Kinski-lookalike Dwight goes on a mission of revenge in this all-new Sin City adventure from popular graphic novelist Miller. This time, much of the trademark violence is provided by Miho, an apparently mute assassinette barely five feet in Rollerblades. The unpredictable plot builds to one of Miller's best endings yet, with a neatly ironic denouement. Otherwise, fans will know what they're getting in this un-serialized tale, the longest of the artist's career: Miller's lithographish line drawings and his fundamentally hyperbolic characters are all in fine form. Every female is gravity-defying and wasp-waisted; every male is superheroically huge or wizened and deformed; and, despite a slightly more elaborate, brushier-looking line than usual, Miller's monochromes have lost none of their stark appeal. (Nov.)