cover image Minnie Minnie

Minnie Minnie

Annie M. G. Schmidt. Milkweed Editions, $6.95 (168pp) ISBN 978-1-57131-600-4

Minnie, once a cat, has suddenly--and inexplicably--become a young woman. But she still purrs, climbs trees, rubs up against people and generally acts like a feline. Minnie's sister turns up her tail and her aunt scolds her (``How on earth did it happen, Minnie? To you of all people, from one of the finest cat families in Chillthorn!''); on other hand, a man named Tibbs, a struggling reporter, invites her in to stay, and gives her a box and milk to drink from a saucer. Minnie, with her plethora of cat contacts about town, lets Tibbs in on scoops no human could ever get; Tibbs helps Minnie develop human feelings and behavior. The playful premise of this Dutch import could bear more playful treatment (there is, for example, an unnecessary attempt to settle the unconventional friendship between Tibbs and Minnie with a prediction of their eventual marriage), but there are genuinely funny moments, such as Minnie's trip to a psychiatrist. Illustrations not seen by PW. Ages 8-up. (Aug.)