cover image Double Exposure

Double Exposure

Barbara Taylor McCafferty. Kensington Publishing Corporation, $18.95 (314pp) ISBN 978-1-57566-207-7

Written by twins about twin amateur detectives whose points of view alternate by chapters, the second in a series (after Double Murder) is easy, breezy fun. Louisville, Ky., country music deejay Nan Tatum falls head over heels for gorgeous Crane Morgan (also a twin) while her sister, Bert, looks on in dismay. Bert's suspicious after hearing Crane's sad tale of his twin brother's death and comparing it with the somewhat different account of the same event from gossipy Louise Eagleston. There's no doubt that Lane Morgan killed his lover, Marian, then committed suicide before he could be arrested. Whether her death was accidental or deliberate, however, can never be proven. Either way, could Crane be enough like Lane to have homicidal tendencies? While Bert ponders the question, she pulls the old twin switch with Nan, who's agreed to have dinner with Louise but who wants to go out with Crane instead. Bert finds Louise dying of a stab wound; the woman gives her bloodstained pictures of the Morgan brothers with Marian; and Bert hears Louise's last words--which seem to confirm her fears that Nan will be the next victim. Replete with twin fact and lore, this story bounces along even if it's twice as cute as it needs to be. (Sept.) FYI: As Taylor McCafferty, Barbara Taylor McCafferty writes the Haskell Blevins mysteries.