cover image SOME SUNDAY


Margaret Johnson-Hodge, . . Dafina, $24 (305pp) ISBN 978-1-57566-916-8

Sisterhood, skin color, self-esteem and sex are just a few of the issues Margaret Johnson-Hodge explores in this plainspoken sequel to Butterscotch Blues. Set in New York City, the novel begins as a grieving wife struggles to recover from the loss of her handsome young Trinidadian husband to AIDS. Adrian was the love of Sandy Hutchinson's life, and she's not sure if she can go on without him. The story follows Sandy's recovery and search for love as she stumbles into a relationship with Adrian's brother, Winston, and finally finds peace with Randall, a contractor, who at first rejects her. Sandy's best friends also struggle in their relationships with men, in a series of Sex in the City–like subplots. "Masterful" Martha, a high-powered assistant district attorney, barely copes on the home front. Abandoned at the altar years ago, she battles her demons by drinking too much, while fighting to keep her relationship with Calvin afloat. Janice, driven by insecurities despite her enviable beauty, drives her fiancé Cliff into the arms of Rachel, who had relinquished him once before to Janice in the name of sisterhood. Then there's Britney, living the American Dream with a magnificent house in the suburbs, a doting husband and beautiful baby, who finds herself pregnant again while confronting the ramifications of living beyond her means. Tackling controversial questions, often in a graphic manner, Johnson-Hodge has written a captivating sequel that loyal readers and new fans will devour. Agent, Claudia Menza. 15-city author tour.(Sept.)