cover image THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON AT WORK: Ancient Virtues for Living and Leading Today

THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON AT WORK: Ancient Virtues for Living and Leading Today

Charles C. Manz, Karen P. Manz, Robert D. Marx, . . Berrett-Koehler, $20 (175pp) ISBN 978-1-57675-085-8

What employee wouldn't choose to work under management that pairs modern-day challenges with ancient wisdom, subsequently resulting in richer service and more humane workplace scenarios? Four authors (professors, speakers and consultants), whose own religious backgrounds (Jewish, Catholic and Protestant) are as diverse as the biblical characters they study, discuss incorporating biblical wisdom into the workplace. At the book's core is the premise that the wisdom of Solomon is still relevant to problems faced in contemporary society. Wisdom as defined by the authors is twofold: practical wisdom characterized by the need to achieve a certain goal or end purpose, and transcendent wisdom, which is an internal, intuitive awareness honed by life experience. The wisdom of Solomon, these authors assert, brings healthier and fuller expression to life (and work) as it embodies the traits of justice, integrity, compassion, courage and faith. From biblical accounts of Job's faith, David's courage, Ruth's compassion, Moses' integrity and Solomon's wisdom, readers learn how these personages faced obstacles similar to those today. Following each biblical account are rich summaries about current-day leaders who overcame professional hurdles by applying Solomon's wisdom to their particular circumstances. Included are narratives of Wendy's founder Dave Thomas, former President Jimmy Carter and Semco CEO Ricardo Semler. The book presents sound reasons for applying ancient wisdom to the modern workplace, yet its tone is a bit too intellectually contemplative. (June)