cover image Executive Influence: Impacting Your Workplace for Christ

Executive Influence: Impacting Your Workplace for Christ

Christopher A. Crane, . . NavPress, $18 (185pp) ISBN 978-1-57683-373-5

Christian executives must take care not to overstep their bounds as business leaders, unduly influencing those under their authority with their personal religious beliefs. Somewhere in the middle between timidity and overly aggressive evangelism fall the majority of Christian executives who have discovered ways to share their convictions without making their subordinates feel harassed or manipulated. Crane (businessman and former owner of COMPS.COM) and Hamel (former pastor and author The Women's Ministry Handbook and The Entrepreneur's Creed) discuss the management styles and faith-sharing tactics of more than 50 successful CEOs and businessmen and women. Included are such well-known Christians as Bill Pollard of ServiceMaster; Dr. David Parsons, former Air Force "Top Gun" and pediatric surgeon; Merrill Oster of Oster Communications; and Anne Beiler, CEO of Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Crane and Hamel have organized the text nicely, helping busy readers find their way around with short introductory paragraphs to each of the 15 chapters. They share insights on using business as a stewardship vehicle, accepting others who have different religious beliefs, navigating the ups and downs of operating family-owned businesses and managing high-tech corporations with integrity. Evangelical Christian businesspeople will find solid recommendations in this resource, but most of this information has already been expounded upon elsewhere. While many professionals will make use of this compilation of tried and true ideas, others will be disappointed by the lack of fresh insight. (Jan.)