cover image YOUR LIFE'S DEFINING MOMENTS: Daily Choices with the Power to Transform Your Life

YOUR LIFE'S DEFINING MOMENTS: Daily Choices with the Power to Transform Your Life

James Emery White, Author . WaterBrook $15.95 (224p) ISBN 978-

How many "kairos moments" have you seized for eternity? White (Rethinking the Church; A Search for the Spiritual) compels readers to ask just this question as he expounds upon the courage needed to make tough choices in matters of the heart and of faith. Biblical writers offer a definition of time beyond the mere sequencing of events; these ancients speak of "kairos," which is described by White as "time filled with opportunity, a moment pregnant with eternal significance and possibility." Under the most insignificant circumstances, Christians can find themselves facing decisions that either fulfill personal vision or sabotage it. Passionate seekers will discover that kairos moments occur constantly, as ordinary events point to larger issues such as obedience, self-revelation, failure, moral courage, suffering, forgiveness, temptation, repentance and understanding God. White speaks profoundly about meeting failure squarely and pressing beyond it. Specifically, he says, Christians should train themselves to bring to mind others who have succeeded and use those stories to propel them forward. Pressing ahead also involves personal introspection, as one casts off any hindrances to growth while simultaneously nurturing a patience that is willing to see a vision through to its completion. White's finely tuned manual challenges Christians to think seriously about affecting eternal changes with their personal choices. (Aug.)