cover image More Healthy Homestyle Cooking: 200 All-New Recipe Makeovers

More Healthy Homestyle Cooking: 200 All-New Recipe Makeovers

Evelyn Tribole / Author Rodale Press $29.95 (374p) ISBN 978-1-

In this follow-up to her 1994 bestseller Healthy Homestyle Cooking, Tribole continues to teach readers how to lighten up a varied assortment of family-pleasing dishes by using a smart collection of replacement ingredients and a refreshing dash of common sense. Don't cut out the mascarpone and cocoa so essential for tiramisu, she urges; pair them with fat-free cream cheese and sponge cake, swirled with frozen light whipped topping. Appetizers, entr es, ""fixings,"" desserts and baked goods have all been revamped the Tribole way, and she tells exactly how she did it in two information-packed introductory chapters (one featuring helpful ""conversion"" charts--change coconut flakes to coconut extract and save 337 calories!). Each recipe has a ""nutritional scorecard"" totaling fat and calories before and after; tricks for making changes (such as using fruit puree for shortening in cakes); and a complete nutritional analysis. Some selections are naturally light and easy--Broiled Sole with Olive Topping or Portobello Pizzas (the caps serve as ""crusts""). Others, like Chicken Kiev, demand more tinkering. If the goal is to have your Cheesy Green Enchiladas and eat them, too, then Tribole's methods will be great weapons in the battle against the bulge. (Oct.)