cover image Voodoo Ridge: A Cordell Logan Mystery

Voodoo Ridge: A Cordell Logan Mystery

David Freed. Permanent, $29 (288p) ISBN 978-1-57962-355-5

In Freed’s engaging third Cordell Logan mystery (after 2013’s Fangs Out), Logan, a struggling flight instructor and wannabe Buddhist, is trying to forget the skills and memories that he acquired as a government antiterrorist agent. Unfortunately, his sighting of a decades-old plane wreck while flying to Lake Tahoe from his home in Rancho Bonita, Calif., puts him and his fiancée, Savannah, in jeopardy, as the downed plane’s cargo attracts murderous predators. When Savannah is kidnapped, Logan must revert back to his former mindset as a government agent to try to save her. This is good for the story, because Freed is better at depicting Logan’s tough-minded resourcefulness in action than at showing his kinder, gentler side. What makes this entry stand out, though, are the setting in the nonglamorous areas around Lake Tahoe and the sharply drawn, oddball supporting characters. [em]Agent: Jill Marr, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. (May) [/em]