cover image THANKSGIVING: A Time to Remember

THANKSGIVING: A Time to Remember

Barbara Rainey, . . Crossway, $10.99 (60pp) ISBN 978-1-58134-315-1

Rainey writes that for her family, "Thanksgiving was not going to be just eating, hours of TV football, naps and leftover turkey sandwiches—followed by a stress-filled Friday of frantic Christmas shopping at the mall." Instead, she seeks to educate her children—and others, through this book—about the heritage of faith and freedom that is celebrated in the national holiday of Thanksgiving. The book revisits the schoolchild version of the Pilgrims' first festival of plenty, and is meant to be read aloud by families on Thanksgiving Day (preferably before small stomachs start to grumble). The history is romantic and full of implausibly brave, righteous, magnanimous Pilgrims. There are small factual errors, as when Rainey claims that the Pilgrims observed the Sabbath in accordance with the ninth commandment instead of the fourth. Despite these flaws, the book is well-designed, with informative sidebars and attractive full-color illustrations. A half-hour-long CD of Thanksgiving music rounds out the package. (Sept.)