cover image 8: All True Unbelievable

8: All True Unbelievable

Amy Fusselman. Counterpoint LLC, $17 (129pp) ISBN 978-1-58243-368-4

Fusselman (The Pharmacist's Mate) skated figure eights when she was little. Those become a metaphor for the way events have folded and unfolded in her life. Her pivotal event was being raped by the husband of her babysitter when she was four. She doesn't describe the actual rape, although she refers to the perpetrator over and over as ""my pedophile."" Around the time of the rape, she went to a performance of Sleeping Beauty with her mother, but suddenly walked up on stage to kiss the prince. She says many people, including her editor, did not find this believable. She wants readers to understand that this was ""true"" if ""unbelievable,"" as her subtitle suggests. Indeed, she seems to think this is what writing a memoir is all about-making some inner truth believable to others. Though it's only 132 pages, that count has been inflated with many little vignettes-listening to a wise taxi driver, trying to learn to ride a motorcycle, being treated by ""alternative"" healers, watching monster truck videos with her children. Even so, there's a lot less here than meets the eye.