cover image KING & KING & FAMILY


Linda de Haan, Stern Nijland, . . Tricycle, $14.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-1-58246-113-7

At the surprise ending of de Haan and Nijland's King & King , lonely Prince Bertie rejects five fairy-tale princesses and marries the handsome prince. In this upbeat sequel, illustrated in kaleidoscopic collages, newlywed Kings Bertie and Lee go on a tropical honeymoon. Although they have the sensation they are being followed (and they are), the jungle is inviting; "It seemed as if all the animals and their babies had turned out to greet them." They see fuchsia -and-orange parrots feeding a green worm to a pale-pink chick, watch a fuzzy brown monkey cuddling his sleeping baby, and photograph hippo and alligator families in the chartreuse-green river. "I wish we had a little one of our own," Bertie sighs. When they return to their kingdom—and to Bertie's mother (who looks much less sour than in the original)—they discover a tan-skinned, brown-haired stowaway in their suitcase. " 'You're the child we always wanted,' said King and King," who file the necessary adoption papers and name the girl Princess Daisy. The warm conclusion befits the theme of unconditional acceptance. De Haan and Nijland, who collaborate on the words and pictures, create multimedia spreads that explode with hot colors and energetic patterns; the youthful Bertie and Lee beam fond smiles at Daisy and each other. By offering this endearing portrait of a diverse group, the authors promote the important message that love flourishes in traditional and nontraditional families alike. Ages 6-up. (May)