cover image Vineyard Days, Vineyard Nights: The Romance of Martha's Vineyard

Vineyard Days, Vineyard Nights: The Romance of Martha's Vineyard

Paul Theroux, Nancy Ellison. Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, $45 (176pp) ISBN 978-1-58479-378-6

It's fitting that the photographs in this oversized volume are matte, not glossy, and that they don't initially overwhelm viewers with exuberant displays of glitz. Rather, like the place they depict, the photos are refined, somewhat muted and generally plain, yet evocative. Ellison, a summer resident of Martha's Vineyard and author of The Ballet Book, Barbie Live and other books, organizes this collection by time of day. Her""Morning"" photos show misty beaches, hazy country roads, boaters setting out for the day, the breakfast rush at the Art Cliff diner and tourists disembarking from the Island Queen ferry.""Afternoon"" brings deeper blue skies, bathers taking a mid-day dip, men with cable-knit sweaters draped over their shoulders enjoying a cocktail on board the KelDi and a bright red lighthouse standing high above azure seas. Naturally, sunsets are the most striking of Ellison's""Evening"" shots, and her treatments of these scenes range from typical (orange-streaked skies over calm waters) to more unusual (a skiff speeding home as the sky turns pink). Travel writer Paul Theroux, a resident of nearby Cape Cod, has contributed an essay to this volume, in which he fetes the island's different moods, a subject Ellison deftly plays with in her lovely, varying photographs. 150 full-color photos.