cover image Roll Them Bones

Roll Them Bones

David Niall Wilson. Cemetery Dance Publications, $30 (140pp) ISBN 978-1-58767-068-8

Cemetery Dance ( rolls out two new books in its horror novella series: David Niall Wilson's Roll Them Bones, in which four adult friends return to a Midwest town to face the consequences of a childhood Halloween misadventure and Rick Hautala's Cold River, in which a widower, recently bereft, must deal with his grief and something creepy that emerges from a Maine river ($30 124p -073-9). The same publisher also offers Douglas Clegg's The Necromancer: Being the Diary of Justin Gravesend on the Year of His Rebirth, and His Forced Initiation into the Chymera Magick, Including His Early Visionaries. This peculiar document expands on the mythos behind Clegg's three Harrow novels, Mischief, The Infinite and Nightmare House.