cover image ARE YOU READY FOR BED?


Jane Johnson, , illus. by Gaby Hansen. . Tiger Tales, $14.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-1-58925-017-8

What is it going to take to get Little Bunny to bed? Mrs. Rabbit gamely tries a lullaby, bubble bath and warm milk, but nothing seems to work. Enjoying some rare alone time (as one of four bunny offspring), "He wanted to stay up all night long with his mommy." No sooner does Little Bunny vow that "I'll never be ready for bed" than he bunny-hops himself right into slumberland. In Hansen's (Big Bears Can!) honey-toned watercolors, the domestic scenes have the ring of authenticity and the long-eared critters combine just the right amount of cuddly, funny and sweet qualities. Little Bunny's character is a hybrid of winsomeness and a toddleresque iron will. British author Johnson's punchline won't come as much of a surprise—with Little Bunny finally asleep, Mrs. Rabbit utters the words, "Peace and quiet at last" and, as if on cue, another bunny sibling awakens. The tale seems as warm and familiar as a much-beloved blanket. Ages 3-6. (Sept.)