cover image Beyond All Reasonable Doubt

Beyond All Reasonable Doubt

Malin Persson Giolito, trans. from the Swedish by Rachel Willson-Broyles. Other Press, $16.99 trade paper (480p) ISBN 978-1-59051-919-6

In this searing legal thriller from Giolito (Quicksand), law professor Hans Segerstad persuades Stockholm defense attorney Sophia Weber, a former student, to try to prove the innocence of Stig Ahlin, a medical researcher. Ahlin was convicted 13 years earlier in 1998 for the murder of 15-year-old Katrin Björk, whose body was found by police in her parents’ house after responding to neighbors’ complaints about the girl’s barking dog. Giotti builds tension by alternating between Sophia’s search for evidence to free Ahlin and flashbacks to the original police investigation. Allegations that Ahlin molested his own daughter complicate Sophia’s efforts to get a retrial. This meticulously crafted novel proves Segerstad’s bitterly ironic claim made at the time he asks Sophia to take on the case: “How could Stig Ahlin be innocent? Our police always tell the truth, our prosecutors are never careless, and the opinions of our judges never fail. Everything is perfect in our country.” Fans of Nordic noir won’t want to miss this one. (June)