cover image It Came from Within!: The Terrifying Truth of What Lurks in the Heart

It Came from Within!: The Terrifying Truth of What Lurks in the Heart

Andy Stanley, . . Multnomah, $19.99 (220pp) ISBN 978-1-59052-510-4

I can't believe I said that!" These words formed the catalyst for Stanley's new book about the hurtful emotions that can reside in the Christian heart. As pastor of a large Atlanta-area congregation, Stanley has had many opportunities to see the results of what he calls "spiritual heart disease." He identifies four "life-blocking agents" that can damage our hearts permanently: guilt, anger, greed and jealousy. Stanley reviews each one, then offers a more detailed diagnosis using the Bible and his life experiences. The bottom line, he says, is "a debt-to-debtor dynamic that always causes an imbalance." Anger says, "You owe me"; greed says, "I owe me"; guilt says, "I owe you"; and jealousy says, "God owes me." Especially useful are Stanley's antidotes to these heart problems, transcending mere platitudes to hands-on, life-changing actions. Feel guilty? Confess. Angry? Forgive. Greedy? Give generously. Jealous? Celebrate others' success. Stanley's breezy, conversational tone is both humorous and pointed, and his knowledge of old horror movies (referenced in the title and the book's content) adds a unique touch. Additional chapters on how to teach these heart-healthy principles to children and a discussion of lust round out this hard-hitting, fun-loving book. (Feb.)