cover image Nightchild: Chronicles of the Raven, Vol. 3

Nightchild: Chronicles of the Raven, Vol. 3

James Barclay, . . Pyr, $16 (403pp) ISBN 978-1-59102-785-0

Having repaired a dimensional rip and stopped a barbarian invasion in 2009's Noonshade , the Raven, a cohort of world-saving mercenaries, face a homegrown threat when Lyanna, the five-year-old daughter of two Raven members, manifests power that triggers natural disasters, devastating entire towns and swallowing castles whole. Navigating among somewhat random plot elements—four competing colleges of magic, witch hunters, guardians of elven lore and three stranded dragons—the Raven find their personal loyalties pitted against their team unity as they debate whether to save or sacrifice Lyanna. Barclay's characters have matured and aged since their first adventure, and while the cinematic and violent battle scenes will likely be the primary draw, readers will also get a few lessons about how would-be heroes handle obligations to family and friends. (Nov.)