cover image YOUR PRIMAL NATURE: Connecting with the Power of the Earth

YOUR PRIMAL NATURE: Connecting with the Power of the Earth

Caroline Myss, Author, Caroline Myss, Read by , read by the aut

Myss (Anatomy of the Spirit; Sacred Contracts) addresses the importance of getting in touch with the forces of nature in this audiobook recorded in the Amazon. With background sounds including rushing water and animals, Myss discusses our "pagan" selves. In her view, all people, no matter how scheduled and in control of their lives they are, want to find a more comfortable place. For Myss, churches offer that comfort. She visits them not simply to pray, but because she finds them comfortable and secure. For others, it might be changing a daily routine and travelling elsewhere, or abandoning clothing and finding the sensual pleasures nature offers. Drawing on her own experiences, Myss offers general suggestions on how people can begin to make the connection between the self and nature. While Myss's narration conveys her enthusiasm and conviction in her beliefs, she assumes listeners know terminology like "power points" and "chakras." Listeners who aren't well versed in these terms and in Myss's approach may find her monologue confusing. This work—which is available only on audio—will be best appreciated by listeners who are already fans of Myss. (Jan.)