cover image The Three Water Drop Brothers

The Three Water Drop Brothers

Lee Eun-hee, trans. from the Korean by Asuka Minamoto, illus. by Yoon Mi-sook. Enchanted Lion, $16.95 (40p) ISBN 978-1-59270-323-4

This Korean import adds a mythological spin to its explanation of how water explores “the world in different forms and ways.” In elegant yet straightforward prose (“Trilobites crept across the sea floor, clad in fancy armor. Ammonites glided past, flaunting their spiral shells”), biologist Lee follows the three water drop brothers, who are personified with simple, finely drawn features. They show how water affects weather (cloud formation, snowflakes, and more) through different eras, from dinosaurs to the Ice Age; how water weathers rock, forms underground caves, and joins rivers and other bodies of water; and how water travels through life forms, including cows and humans. BolognaRagazzi Award winner Yoon contributes boldly colored art, adding dimension with distinctive cut shapes and myriad patterns. A buoyant introduction to water’s far-reaching influence. Ages 6–8. (Nov.)