cover image The Kat Trap

The Kat Trap

Cairo. Strebor Books, $15 (344pp) ISBN 978-1-59309-228-3

This erotic African American thriller, the debut of Cairo (the pseudonym for a male ""clinically certified forensics counselor""), may amuse some and disgust others thanks to the in-your-face attitude of its angry hood heroine, Brooklynite Katrina ""Kat"" Rivera. Kat, a professional assassin and whore (""It's bout clockin' that paper. And a bitch like me gets paid by the body. Welcome to the Kat Trap, muhfuckas""), uses her sex appeal to lure men to their deaths. An outrageous femme fatale, Kat first began whoring to get a gun to kill her mother's abusive boyfriend. Filled with sweaty pornographic details that many female readers will find distasteful, this twisted saga finds even Kat wondering if she's borderline psychopath or ""just staight sadistic 'n shit"" for choosing such a wicked career path. Despite the authentic ghetto vibe, Kat comes off as an angry fake making thin excuses for committing crimes and treating herself like trash thanks to ""the thrill of the kill.""