cover image The Delta Solution

The Delta Solution

Patrick Robinson. Perseus/Vanguard, $25.99 (366p) ISBN 978-1-59315-647-3

Cdr. Mackenzie "Mack" Bedford takes on Somali pirates in Robinson's rousing if less than suspenseful third action thriller to feature the courageous U.S. Navy SEAL (after Diamondhead). Mohammed Salat, "the Godfather of the Dark Continent," is the brains and the money behind the so-called Somali Marines, well-equipped, well-trained brigands who seize tankers and cargo ships off the African coast that they hold for massive ransoms. When the pirates grab a freighter chartered by a U.S. aid agency, Mack takes charge of the Delta Platoon, a new unit of handpicked SEALs. The plot slows as Robinson dwells on the SEALs' extraordinary training and the smooth, sophisticated operations of the Somali Marines. When the order is finally given to go, the Delta Platoon is ready for both daring rescue operations at sea and the brutal task of attacking the pirates' fortified headquarters in the Somali town of Haradheere. Readers will cheer as Mack and his team solve the vexing problem of Somali pirates. (May)