cover image Rosie and the Nightmares

Rosie and the Nightmares

Philip Waechter, . . Handprint, $15.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-1-59354-115-6

This story's heroine combines common sense and ingenuity to confront her nemesis: the monster nightmares that plague her sleep. In the opening full-bleed spread, a Tyrannosaurus rex–like sea monster towers over a frightened bunny rowing a boat in ocean swells ("Rosie looked deep into the dark red maw. Sharp teeth glittered. Rosie knew her hour had come"). When the bunny wakes in her brightly lit room, "Her whole body was shaking and her fur was soaking wet." Waechter (Me! ) fluidly moves the pacing to a series of spot illustrations chronicling Rosie's yoga routine, in which she determines her course of action. A dream specialist says, "Hmmm, a clear case of fear of monsters. Hardly uncommon but very unpleasant," and prescribes a book. A series of clever vignettes depict her practicing her new skills, followed by a visit to the "Tunnel of Fear" at an amusement park, where full-spread scenes and panel illustrations demonstrate how she conquers the creepy crowd of monsters in no time. Images of Rosie lying on the dream specialist's couch, riding in a taxi and being kicked out of the amusement park are sure to produce smiles. This courageous bunny's approach to addressing her fears may serve as an amusing and helpful model for youngsters dealing with anxieties of their own. Ages 3-7. (Nov.)